Donation Requests

Thank you for thinking of us for a donation for your fund-raising event. Words of Windsor is your independent, locally-owned community bookstore. We rely completely on our local customers to shop at our store so we can stay open, pay the bills, and pay our staff. Selling books has never been a way to make a lot of money, but if the community supports us, we can in turn do our best to support you.

We do not make donations to individuals or families, for-profit businesses, or non-local organizations. Our first priority in giving is always for literacy and education; and we believe in supporting the non-profit organizations, groups, and causes that our staff and customers support. If your organization asks for a donation from us, and we are unable to find your board members or staff members in our customer records, we are unlikely to make a contribution to your organization, even though we appreciate the good work that you do in the community.

If you feel your organization falls within our guidelines, please use the link below to complete your donation request.

Request Donations Here


Donation requests will not be reviewed between Nov. 20 and Jan. 7