Patsy Cline In Her Own Words (Hardcover)

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Patsy Cline's story - both professional and personal - unfolds in this collection of letters written from 1955-1959 to her friend and first fan club president, Treva Miller. In her own words, Patsy talks of the recording sessions, television appearances and tours, but behind the glamor she writes candidly about having flat tires, not getting paid (even after her big hit "Walkin' After Midnight") and what it's like to be a mother and housewife while building a career as a recording artist.

Few stars have the longevity of Patsy Cline. She died in a plane crash in 1963, yet her voice still moves us, so much so that she consistently appears on the best country artist lists from publications such as Rolling Stone and Billboard.

A collection of 48 letters written from 1955-1959 to her first fan club president and friend gives us a rare opportunity to glimpse the woman behind the songs. She doesn't come across as bold and brassy, as some movies have portrayed her. Although she was traditional in her attitudes about family, she was determined to succeed as a recording artist. Against the backdrop of her recording sessions, tours and television appearances she was also a housewife who often did the family cooking, laundry and ironing before going on stage. It didn't always pay as expected, either. In 1957 she wrote to Treva: "Bill McCall still hasn't give me my money on "Walkin." I've got 2 lawyers working on it."

One can imagine, through these letters, that Patsy is sitting across the table from her friend, chatting about her job, her loves and everyday life. We get to know Treva through these letters too. When Treva plans to marry against her mother's objections, Patsy said, "You are all she has and you are her baby, but then too, all these chickens have to find out about life their own way."

In September 1960 Treva was killed in an automobile accident. Less than a year after that, Patsy was a passenger in a near fatal, head-on car crash. Two months later, still on crutches, Patsy recorded one of her defining hits, "Crazy." Her career was finally taking off.

The introduction is written by Margo Price, a Nashville-based singer-songwriter, who became an overnight success with her album, Midwest Farmer's Daughter. When not appearing solo with her band, she joins Chris Stapleton, Tim McGraw, and Willie Nelson on their tours.

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