Do You Know about Pre-Orders?

Pre-Orders are just what they sound like, you order the book before it's published so that on the day it's available for sale, there is a copy just waiting for you at the store. The most obvious benefit is making sure you can pick that book up on "street date" as it's called.  Another benefit is that we can make better buying decisions which helps keep the store well stocked and all our customers happy. And of course it helps the publishers know how many copies to print. And that is extremely critical these days with all the crazy supply chain issues going on.

Now here's the really fun part about pre-orders. Sometimes the books are signed by the author or illustrator (sometimes both!). On occassion there can be add-on items like a bookmark, or even a poster. We'll always tell you if there's a possibility for a fun extra but quantities are ALWAYS limited on these extras. We don't always know how many we'll get them so early ordering is a must!

Now the important part - how to do pre-orders.  You can always do them when you're in the store (which we like because we get to see you!) Or you can be anywhere you have internet and place those  orders from the website. We've even made a snazzy page where we'll post up books we're excited about or we think our community will be excited about. We didn't put one on the list you're looking for? Then use the "Shop" section above and search all the title available. Also we're partnering with Shelf Awareness to start sending out weekly newsletters.  Once a month there will be a special Pre-Order issue to help make sure hear about upcoming books. Want to see our Pre-Order page? CLICK HERE to check it out!


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